Tuesday, October 31, 2006

D is for DAMN!

A couple of people I know, tell me that if I had fenced in the "E and Under" part of the tournament I would have gotten my "D" rating easily.

You would think that I would be kicking myself for not staying. I did a little. I was told that the guy who won needed to be taken down a notch as he terribly obnoxious. ( Wiggling his butt at his opponent and bowing with some sort of SCA flourish.)

I looked at the stats. Nothing is a sure thing. So I do not feel THAT bad that I missed it and I feel good that a couple of people think I could have done that so easily.( In fact I have felt really good because of it.) A "D" rating is one of my goals. I know...I know...I am not supposed to think this way, but I do.

What if I did get it and it was easy. Would I be a "D " fencer? I do not want to a be a fencer that has a rating but always finishes below that rating in comparison. ( Okay...sometimes that happens to almost everyone, but it should NOT ALWAYS happen.)

In this last tournament, all the MALE "Ds" and the "C" finished at the top like they should have.( My girl, Kathy, did well against much larger and taller advisories.) The guy that won was an "E" but became a "D" so it all fits. I finished at the bottom of the MALE "D's"

(Speaking of girls, I also thought about Nicole on the ride home. I always look around to see if I am the oldest at the tournament. I noticed that often Nicole is the youngest person fencing at some tournaments. We both have the age thing going on when we compete.)

I just reread all that crap and I do not know where I was going with that thought, other than trying to analyze if I think that I can be a "D" and that if I got it, I would actually be a "D" fencer. Yep...I tend to over analyze the crud out of things!

In conclusion I will renew my efforts to get better in several different ways. Drop a few pounds, get to the gym a bit more often and maybe order a good epee bout DVD to watch and study. I will study with Coach Miller and I will get Cam to see if she can give me some tips. Iwill go to UNC and fence people who are going to wipe the floor with me. I will fence in tournaments whenever I can.( More often that I should, really.) I will work on techniques I pick up at these events and keep the ones that fit me.

Also, I think it only fair to admit that if I could go back in time I would have stayed for the "E and Under" event....because....Yes...I AM that shallow!!!

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