Sunday, October 8, 2006


My journal is about fencing. I try not to write about anything else. I can find no other place for me to express myself, so I must do so here.
Last week I caught part of the news on some television channel. I do not watch much in the way of television and I do not even remember what channel I was watching. They showed film of one of the funerals for one of the little Amish girls that was murdered. The clip showed ( from the air) the police keeping reporters at bay on the road. Another view showed the Amish people gathering at some point for the funeral. The camera paned slightly and you got a glimpse of at least three or four more helicopters circling.I latter found out that some of these helicopters were there to prevent the News helicopters from disturbing the funeral. That did not entirely stop these bastards though.
I can tell you from personal experience that there is no greater pain than to have one of your children die. To have people in helicopters , that are there only to make money , make a mockery of your child's life and death......I have no words for such heartlessness and evil.
Not only the people in the helicopter, but the management that sanctioned it. I have no idea how high it goes.
I am much to old and fat to be "dukeing it out" with anyone. However, should I ever meet anyone that was involved with this I am going to hurt them. This is not idol talk, I mean it with all my heart. I do not care about winning, I just want them to look in the mirror every morning and see the scar of the split lip, or the slight bump where the broken nose healed and I want them to remember why they have that.
I cannot remember when I have loathed a group of people more in my life!


fencerkath said...

I too am horrified by the way in which news agencies exploit grief.  I've been moved my some blogging from (there are problems with the link at present) on the subject of the killings and by the unbelievable courage and generosity shown by the bereaved Amish community.  I just wish the news media could show similar restraint and kindness.

dweaver307 said...

I got your back, bro'