Thursday, September 21, 2006

Working on It

From a week ago Friday until Monday, I had spent well over thirty hours fencing in a 10 day period. ( fencing or a fencing related activity...WELL over!) 

I did not fence foil. ( I was FLAT fenced out!) I started doing an inventory of our equipment. This is going to be a slooooowwww process. It takes a whole class just to do one cabinet.

I am also now a mentor. ( I do not think I have ever had the label "mentor" before....not officially...though there have obviously been many such times in my life.) My mentee (I had no idea that was a word) is a high school girl named Meredith. She is doing a senior project. She is studying fencing. There was paper work from the school for me to fill out and everything! Her Mom is an aerobics instructor (who has legs like a female super hero) and is fencing with her. Oddly enough, I feel qualified enough to do this. I take it very seriously and I hope I can help this young woman get a good grade.

Last Saturday I also helped teach a CALL class. CALL is a continuing education program put on by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. This is a beginning foil class. There is a kids class and an adult class. Dealing with little kids is hard...dealing with ten of them is real hard.

I mention the CALL class, because this is where I started, almost three years ago. I have this whole "Lion King" circle of life thing, playing in my head. There is a guy on the fencing net discussion boards whose signature is a Japanese proverb. " To teach is to learn." I hope that holds true, as I have so much to learn. I am working on it!


fencerkath said...

I don't know if you know this already but Mentor was originally the wise old man who Odysseus (Ulysses) left in charge of his son when he went off to the war at Troy.  The goddess Athene had the habit of appearing in the form of Mentor to give wise advice.  Odysseus' son was called Telemachus so, logically, you should have a Telemachus rather than a mentee!

(there's some really pointless trivia for you)

kentjamesr said...

The truth is, that if I ever knew that, I had forgottten it. I love that sort of inof Kathz. You will never bore me with it. My 1st thought, was..." I hope I meet her some day." I still have the translation you did for me on" Bring on the giants!". I posted it on a friends blog the other day, and I have  it printed with my important fencing papers. I thought, I might have t-shirt made with it someday.