Saturday, September 16, 2006

This Week

Foil: Woody was dead after his trip and Mario and I took the class. We had not planned on it, but as I had just come from a fencing clinic, I had some new drills for the class to work on. It went well, though the drills were a bit advanced for a couple of the new students.

We had a coaches meeting afterwards, to talk about the CALL classes and the Titanic Open. ( One of the tournaments we sponser....for women and children only.) Kathy is also looking in to having Rudy Volkman ( author of " The Big Book of Fencing" ) give us a weekend of training. That sounds great to me. I hope it works out, as it would be further help on my goals.

I skipped sabre, as I am not ready to pursue that weapon yet and I was just lazy. My legs are/were still sore from the weekend clinic and they needed to heal. I have read that Matt and Jen have a new adult sabre class starting next Friday. Sadly, it would overlap epee. I have given some thought to seeing if I could take this class for six weeks, then drive to epee and finish up there with some bouting. It would be a kind of introduction to sabre class for me. I do not care for sabre, but it is a shame to not have instruction from people as good as Matt and Jen. I have not decided what to do. Nor have I talked to Matt and Jen to see if this would be okay. Besides...It would mean missing part of epee night. Just thinking of missing epee tends to send me into DTs.

Epee: Good class with a lot of bouting. I did not fence badly. I was VERY relaxed. I let the kids get a some points, but I was always in control. I have some concerns that I do not know how to handle or deal with. My range of attacks/techniques seems to be less that it once was. I use about six, not counting targets of opportunity. I do not use a couple of my old attacks/techniques anymore. I wonder why. I kind of miss them. I think I need to pick an attack or two that I rarely use and try and work it into every bout. I need to give this some thought. I am in a rut.

I am fencing in my first tournament of the season on Sunday. I am going to get my butt kicked. There are to many young and fast "C" fencers. I mean GOOD "C" fencers! I will try to make thisa learning experience and just have some fun.

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Good luck for the tournament!