Monday, September 11, 2006

Good Night...I Hope!

It is three thirty in the morning. I can't sleep.

My legs are hurting. It is not" god awful" bad, but is way beyond the healthy, good feeling " I-have-been-working-out" pain. This is part of the reason I am awake.

The other reason is that I keep thinking about this weekend. This weekend I attended a 2 day fencing clinic (hosted by the Raleigh Fencers) and given by Maestro Beguinet.
Part of the description given on Ask Fred is as follows:

"Two-day clinic for competitive fencers ages 14 and up. Maestro Beguinet will focus on tempo and right of way issues for competitive fencers looking to move to the next level. "

For those that do not know him, Maestro Beguinet is one of the coolest guys on the planet. ( Crap! I just thought of something I need to post on our message boards. Maestro Beguinet's birthday is September 14th. The club should send him a card. ) That is my mind working again. It is the main reason I cannot sleep.

There was supposed to be three weapons that you can train in. I was going to give myself a vacation and study epee, but no other epee people came.  I worked on foil, which is what I should have done in the first place.  Some of it translated well to epee.

Another reason I am awake is that, I kept thinking about the drills we did. I did not write them down, like a good fencer would , so I am doing so now. They kept going through my mind. Most are simple ones that you have done many times before, but with a new element that you must concentrate on.

I might have taken notes when I was there, but it was beyond hot in that unair-conditioned warehouse. It was not AS hot as the "Blades at the Beach Tournament," BUT you were moving all the time. I could smell my soaking wet uniforms and T-shirts all the way in the back of my car on the trip home.

Also, It is not a wise idea to put foot pads in your crapy fencing shoes that do not have good arch supports, without taping them down. They slide and I now have blisters on all but three toes. recap....I smell awful...I hurt in many ways.....I am suffering from heat stroke.

It was a great weekend!!!

I might be able to sleep now. Good night everyone. Sweet dreams.




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