Monday, September 4, 2006

"Camless" Epee

I think we had a good epee class last night...heavy on the "good"...light on the "class".
I lead footwork with a variation on the" green" is advance...." red" is retreat kind of thing. I tried to trip them up and the two winners got one point that they could use anytime on the strip that night in pools. They seemed to have fun with that. We went from this point to pools without a lesson. I cannot speak for Mario's side of the club ( He had pools on another strip.) ....but I had most of the kids on my side as we started pools.....and well...I lost control. Sean and Kristin were back. So there was much socializing! Jordan somehow ended up fencing in both sets of pools. I would not say kids were running amuck, but Sally would have flipped! Hey..I will tighten up a little next week. We had around 16 people. Chris and Noah were back as well.

I got to work in a bout with Tommy. I was up 3-1 or something like that and he came back and beat me. Hey..It was his turn to win!

Nicole was back and we have plotted to embarrass Tommy at an upcoming football game.

Megan came by to fence. It was good to see her. She is doing well except for a statistics class.

Then there was Henri. She was benevolent, even though she was placed "in charge." She had a good time and wants to fence epee. She called Mario out for his comments on the boards. ( " Wounds of the flesh a surgeons skill may heal, but wounds of honor may only be mended with steel," ) Sadly (and using her footwork point) Mario won 5-4.

Kathy did not fence as her back was bothering her. She worked her repair magic and was the best thing we had going for controlling the kids.

Perhaps one of the most unnerving things that has ever happened in fencing, happened this night. Henri and Kathy talked about getting their nails done. I mean it was just sooo wrong on so many  levels. RIGHT next to me, they talked about this. On and on it went!!!! It still gives me the heeby-jeebies! Not that Kathy's nails don't look good..they do...but....this is all to weird!

Next week, perhaps I should subtract a point in pools for the bad little epeeist.



warriorcounselor said...

you should see how nice my nails look now......<G>

kelduiniel said...

I don't know, I don't think we were really out of line.  Perhaps there was something I missed, or you feel differently about the situation, but we're a good group.  I don't think you necessarily need to tighten up next week.  :P

Though it's possible I just didn't notice.  But there didn't seem to be any kid-related incidents that were at all unusual going on.  The only things I remember were the younger ones getting told not to play around on the gymnastics equipment and stuff, and that happens pretty much every single normal epee night.

However, it's probably best that I don't embarrass myself by calling attention to the fact that I might have simply missed what was going on.

But yes, we had a good epee class on Friday.  :P