Thursday, August 3, 2006

An Unedited Post

It was my intention to have all my post from now until the end of time, edited. Sadly, there is no time to do so prior to my departure.

I am packed. In fact, I am most likely over packed. I simply can't believe that I will be spending the next nine days sleeping and training in the United States Olympic Training Center. I have been apprehensive about this. Fortunately my editor pointed out that what a great experience this will be ( in more words than that) and I am now pretty darn excited about going.

My flight leaves at 7:04 in the morning. I may have a journal entry or two concerning my trip upon my return


1 comment:

shazna02 said...

Have a great great time and realize that you deserve this - and all the brain ache and body ache you may recieve in the training - You are a credit to the sport - more than just technical achievement you bring heart and insight - and compassion to fencing.  

This sounds like a dream come true - I hope you have a blast!