Thursday, August 31, 2006

A New Season

Mario and I coached foil Monday. It was a small class, but I think it went well. Wednesday, we helped Cam in Sabre. This was a good thing, as class was crowded with new people and we ran out of sabres. I have no ability in this weapon, but fortunately there were some kids I could help with very basic things. Cameron leaves for Italy this week, so Mario; Kathy and I will cover sabre and epee. Foil is out due to Labor Day. Cam, clever girl that she is, left us a lesson plan for sabre.  I will help the new kids to learn to parry with distance. Epee is not a problem, as it is best learned and taught on the strip. ( That is my opinion anyway.) Epee is always a fun and people are eager to get down to it. ( Myself included.)
                                                                                                                                      In reading the boards, it seems we may have a visitor from foil. This should be interesting. At this point in time, I am on this little Southern woman's GOOD side. I intend to keep it that way. MUST attacks to her hand. If you break a nail it is a black card! are SUCH a girl!

It is the start of a new season. Last season was easy, I just wanted to be a better epeeist.
Okay...maybe there was not as much improvement as I had hoped for, but here we go again.

This season will be much more intense. I have almost to many goals. The good thing about that is............. that if for some reason I have to wait to work on one....I can work on another.

I need to improve my physical condition. I have friends to help motivate me there.

I want to learn some armory skills. I know a world class one, so that has a chance of coming in to play.

I want to be a better foil ref. I have no desire to be rated, I hate refing tournaments, but I want the knowledge for club and coaching. I am looking into this.

I want to improve my epee game. I am considering heading down to UNC, if that is okay, once a week. If not for PL, then just to fence some higher caliber fencers. I hope I can work this in.

I really have NO desire to fence foil in a tournament, but I intend to make myself do this a time or two this season.

If I do these things as I plan and look for other learning opportunities it should help me take a step forward in becoming a coach. I do not have the greatest desire to be a coach, but if I am going to help out in the club, I have to improve rapidly and in several different areas.

The positive note here, is that if I pursue all these goals and make progress in all these areas, it should make me a better epeeist....which is all I truly want to be.

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