Saturday, August 26, 2006

An Epee Day

(Note: This may be an odd sounding entry, as I am not fully caffeinated. It may also be hard to verbalize, but I want to remember aspects of my day.)

Most of the time, epee night is one of my favorite days. Yesterday I made that more true, by taking a half a day off work and THEN going to epee. There is nothing so unusual about that, but it was just such a good afternoon, I want to remember it in my journal.

It started with Mexican for lunch. ( This is good start for most epeeist.) From there, I proceeded to my favorite park, where I spent the entire afternoon. I use to run the trails at this park, but today it was walking...and sitting...and resting. I have rarely been in the woods and had such a relaxing....enchanting...beautiful....moving...experience.

No...Jim had not been into the mushrooms. It was just a magical time.

All to soon, it was time for class. After warm ups and footwork, I had a coaching experience with Jordan. I think it went well. She was more relaxed and had fun fencing. I think she learned a couple of things and has a couple of more to work on. She took the time to thank me after class. It made me feel good that she did that. What more could a brand new coach ask for?

I did well in pools, but I did not fence well. I think my meditative afternoon, had the opposite effect. It was so simulating, that I could not keep from reflecting on it.

As class was winding down, Cam told me she would not worry about the club while she was gone because it would be in good hands. It was such a very sweet thing to say and so very "Cam". ( I know she meant Kathy and Mario as well, but she spoke to me. )

After class Mario and Cam well as, Haley and Lisa headed out to get some Chinese.
( This is an excellent ending for most epeeist.) It was nice, as Cam cannot usually join us.
Haley and her roommate are beautiful young (college age) women. They are made doubly so, by their youth, which seems to radiate from them, giving them a squeaky clean and "shiny" brand new appearance.

The reason I mention these young women is , because as I looked at them, I thought of this beautiful women that I had seen in the Mexican restaurant. ( Dark hair and brown eyes of course.) She might have been twice these girls age, but she was so very attractive that it was  mesmerizing to me.  She seemed to fill the room with a feminine charm. I think of that women and it makes me glad that I am the age that I am. I have no longing to be a kid. ( a Lost Boy...I guess I get to stay one in some respects.)

What a great day!


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shazna02 said...

That was a really nice compliment from Cam - I am glad you are having so much fun, both with fencing and with you mexican food/resturant experience.