Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Empty Salle Syndrome

I have now been fencing long enough to see a sad change at the club. Kids that really were kids when I came (whether they knew it or not) are now young adults and have headed off to college. Long time members have seen this before, but not me. I guess it takes me aback more so, because my own son (and the youngest) has headed to UNCC as well. In fact, Trevor, a young adult and one of our kids (Sorry Trev...I know you are grown up...well..kinda.) is at UNCC as well. Megan and the twins have gone.  With Trev we lost another great asset , his Mom. ( Kay) Even Sally has gone.

My brother Tommy (freaky age gap..but brother in arms nonetheless) is growing up and as winter peaks may be spending less time with us.

Jordan will start high school or at least a different form of high school. Her new social life may take her away from us at times as well. That is as it should be. There are some things more important than fencing.

I like these young people. I do not see them like my children, I see them (as much as the age gap allows) as my friends. Their leaving and growing up bothers me a little, but as a parent, I also see this as a good thing...or at least a part of the nature of things. I hope that some of them find new and better coaches of fencing. I would love to see them progress to a much higher level...and some of them can.

I look at the new kids now. ( Both the new little kids and the young adult kids. )There are some cute ones...and some with real potential as fencers!) Will one of them become another Trev or Nicole? Will one of them fence as well or better than Tommy? Will I still be able to give them a run for their money if they can?

My relationship with the coaching staff is changing as well. I am not "one of them" as yet...not exactly...but I think it is moving in that direction. Time will tell. They are a good group and my friends as well.

I also have become truly good friends with a lady fencer roughly my age at the club. In truth, I am all but positive she is way younger than me! ( I have to say things like that or she pokes me with her foil.) Her friendship has helped me with some of these transitions. I am grateful to her.

Partings and joining..........changing relationships......changing faces. It is both sad and happy at the same time.

I am pretty sure I prefer the TOTALLY happy! 



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shazna02 said...

"Some things are more important than fencing" - is this true, I thought fencing was something one returned to again and again, just at different ages.   I guess it is true.....grrrr.  Are you melencholic or morose?   The empty salle is something that gets me down but I've decided to stop taking it easy and slap myself in the face repeatedly, "Snap out of it!" - - I'm not sure if this helps but it does make my face red.

Sounds like you have a very close knit club - are you having a last get together or party to send off all the people going to college (or is it too late?)?