Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Bit Sad

There was a thing that struck me as sad at Coaches College. It concerned  expulsions and disarm techniques. They are not taught anymore. They were demonstrated and then we moved on.
In the Foil 1 manual I had to study ( a frickin' HUGE notebook of information ) expulsions are referred to as: " Basically an obsolete action in modern fencing." It did not go into further detail, but I would guess that it is based on the fact that there is greater distance between fencers than in days gone by. Perhaps it belongs in a time when there was more blade work and retreating was looked upon a cowardly and bad form.
I have used expulsions a time or two with success. They do not come into play but once in a a blue moon. Maybe I was just lucky that it worked at all.
Still, with the possible fading of this knowledge I get a glimpse into what classical fencers must have felt. It is sad to see any knowledge on the path to oblivion.
Jerry ( another of the coaches at the OTC ) implied that certain words and fencing "lingo" are going by the wayside as well. The kids today are not interested in learning them. I understand it , yet it still strikes me as sad.

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epee77 said...

The pistol grip and body cords also helped to make the expulsion obsolete.