Saturday, July 8, 2006

Week of July Forth

Foil: Best of all classes. We did not even dress out. Only two fencers besides my self showed up. We yacked;ate and went home.

July Forth: Still feeling under the weather, but ate like a pig.

Entire Week: Followed the results of our fencers at Nationals. We had some that did very well. They met or exceeded their goals.

Epee: It was fun. I fenced okay. I found myself leaning a couple of times.My forward check still stinks and my slide bites as well. Must...practice! I think I have a new move. It is a beat and go from the other side, finished with a glide down the blade. I will test it out on some other fencers before I add it to my list.

My little pal Jordan told me that the young people are intimated by me. I find this so odd. I have cultivated being that way. It has kept me safe a time or two in my travels and it has helped me in other ways all my life. I find myself a little to gray and fat to be intimidating these days. Perhaps others do not see it. It can't last much longer. I told Jordan and one of the twins, they should not feel that way. All they have to do is wait. They will be in their prime and I will be in a walker. I see it all so clearly. They come for a visit after college to the club. As they leave, they whisper," My, Jim has aged! His hair is totally white." That is not a pity thing, it is just a fact of life. I can remember being their age and seeing this happen to others. My turn.

So "kidlinks" if I get lucky fencing you or if I have a day in the sun, fear not, your time is coming and mine will pass. Besides, I have many of those bad days already.

Monday is a Bon Voyage party for Sally at the club. It is covered dish. I need to go suck up to Anne. Jordan and I will also plan our club outing to "Pirates of the Caribbean" that night.

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