Sunday, July 23, 2006

Topsail Island and the Lazy Epee

I just returned from a week at the coast. ( Vacation )  As this journal is devoted to fencing, you might ask how this comes into play.
I had a list of things I was going to do for fencing during the week. I took a foil and an epee. I took a glove. I took the rule book and" Foil One" notebook. I took fencing instructional videos.
I planed to eat right and work out every day. ( Weights and Cardio.) I planed to study fencing rules and foil one everyday.
This is how it went down.
The "eat healthy" part did not even make it a day. I really did not have high hopes, but I thought I would do better.
I did work out everyday but one. I did well in that regard. My workouts were around an hour and a half and very balanced.
I read part of my rule book and "Foil One" book twice I picked up a foil and practiced once. I picked up an epee once, but that was to chase Sam my eighteen year old son. I did not poke him hard and I only did it once. He had it coming!
I did foot work twice. I did not get my slide right or my forward check. That was part of my goal for my vacation. I did not really think it would all happen, but I hoped for a little better.
On the bright side, I am well rested and browner. I also visited a North Carolina winery and sampled a lot of their product. I had a nice relaxing time.
I am off for two more days and I shall work on my slide and forward check. I swear it!


dweaver307 said...

I'm glad to hear you had a restful vacation. The fact that you exercised at all says something. I still remember a week at the beach many years ago where sleeping late and having tequila sunrises for breakfast were our only goals. And we accomplished both as I remember. We're not really young enough to do Jimmy Buffets beach trips anymore, are we?

shazna02 said...

Yah!  Go go go!  I think you accomplished more than I usually do - I used to pack running shoes and a jogging outfit on every vacation - I think after about 10 times when I NEVER got up early to go jogging on vacation - I gave up on the dream.  so to find out you worked out for 90 minutes every day while on vacation - wow, super impressed!

Have a fun on the last bits of your vacation.