Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yeah...I know I said I was setting sabre to the side for a while,but I went. I could use the footwork practice and I am moving and fencing, so that may aid me.

I went early and set up an elaborate test for my new wickedly cool LP foil. It worked fine. It was a tiny club lame with a lot of dead areas. I am happy my foil is working. I want a new epee just like it. Sadly, I need some fencing shoes first.

I have not been working out hardly at all over the last couple of weeks. Sickness, heat and extreme laziness have hindered me. Next week at the beach, I intend to devote the trip to going the gym...eating fairly healthy ...and studying my fencing manuals. I hope I can stick to that!

Boring post....sorry!

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fencerkath said...

Sickness, heat, extreme laziness - sounds OK to me.  But doing sabre ... that such a dangerous, slashy weapon - I'm not so sure about that.  Of course, I might have a go some time just to see what it feels like ... but I'm never going to take it up.  Or could it just be that the combination of meanness - the cost of the helmet and lame - and the prospect of even more layers in the summer is putting me off.

I didn't fence this week but I did do Scottish country dancing of a rather basic kind, and hope to blog about that next week.
all the best