Saturday, July 29, 2006


Last night was epee night. As usual, it is a happy day. We fenced doubles for the first time in a long,long time. ( Doubles is where two fencers fence two fencers on the same strip at the same time, by specially rigged body cords and two reels on each side of the strip.. When one is touched it leaves you to fence two fencers all by your lonesome. That seems like the odds are truly stacked against the single fencer.....and they are. But when you win against two fencers, you get this TOTAL Zorro feeling!)
It is great training. The truth is that I have no idea if it is good training or not, but it is awesome fun.
I learned something of interest last night. I generally think of it as two people against two people. There is more to it than that.
It seems that most of the time when teams are formed for doubles, I get the new little kid. I don't mind that. In fact, I kind of like having to take care of someone on the strip. The downside to fencing with a little kid as your partner is that your evil and vile club members are also smart. They try to take the better fencer out first. It is interesting no matter who your teammate is. There are strategies we use. Stay together. One fencer drops back and the opponent follows him in, his partner hits him. When it is two against one, one of you goes high and the other goes low seems to work most of the time.
What I learned last night, but did not master, was that if you can break off from the two people you are fencing from time to time, you can almost feel when your partner is going to attack. Last night was different, as I had Mario for a partner and he is a full grown guy! That was very interesting. I also found an interesting thing in that when Mario and I were fencing one person, you could use an epee ploy in a different way. It is very common for an epee fencer to wait to get someone coming in on the attack. Inthis situation, you can wait for your opponent to attack your partner..and do something totally foreign to epee. You can parry!! Then if your partner is on the ball, he touches for you. To cool!!!!
I always like testing myself one on one in fencing, but it is so refreshing to do doubles. To some extent the winning becomes less important and the fun becomes even greater.


kelduiniel said...

The fun only becomes greater when you get to stay on strip long enough to actually fence.  :P

- Jordan

shazna02 said...

This sounds really fun and I would like to try it - it's too bad they don't let you hold a short blade in your other hand though