Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Departure

Last night was foil class. It was also a small farewell gathering for Sally. She begins (to some degree) a year sabbatical on the West coast.  There was food. There were gifts. There were fencers returning from Nationals with their tales. I enjoyed hearing them and look forward to hearing more when the UNC camp ends. It was a small group, but a good time. I did not tell Doc good bye as I will see her in Colorado. I will think about it then.

My ultra cool LP foil Henri brought me from Nationals does not seem to be working correctly. I think I may need to take the tip off and stretch the spring. I will do a test Friday or Monday. It is one pretty weapon, working or not.

On that note, the evening was marred by a GROSS and uncalled for action during a bout with Henri. A woman who has only done her best to elevate our decadent epee population with her dedication to foil. A woman who with a single word could have had me disqualified in our bout for a gross infringement of the rules, yet honorably held her tongue. I mocked her on strip. If I could, I would black card myself. Oh, what a poor example I set for our young fencer. I shall live with the shame of imitating her "victory jumps" for the rest of my wretched life. I shall not ask for forgiveness, I do NOT deserve it!

Editors Note: Woody made a comment to the effect that the two kids that were fencing were veterans. High five Tink! What better compliment!

Okay...I know some of this does not make sense to you. It seems cryptic. Yet..it is my journal and it makes sense to me! I am going with it!


warriorcounselor said...

somehow the sight of you doing Henri's victory dance would be a thing to see!  I hate I missed it.  <G>

kathy wc

shazna02 said...

I am glad you had fun - what ever that mystery fun might have been?  Sounds like you are in good spirits.