Saturday, June 17, 2006

Workshop Epee

Today was the epee part of Maestro Beguinet's works shop. It was something like four and half to five hours long. To say we worked on in fighting and fleching is not really enough words on the subject. You would have had to been there and you would have had to done foil last night. I can't say I learned something about in fighting, but I have a wealth of things I can now work on mastering.

What I will say is that I have small muscles in my legs that I never knew existed. I know they are there because they hurt beyond the telling of it. I was pretty cocky last night. The only thing that hurt from last night was my ankles. The fencing gods are punishing me now for my cockiness.

Editors Note: My legs do not hurt AS bad this morning. ( Sunday.) This is freakish. It is usually worse. Vitamin I; aspirin and horse liniment. It must work. My wife works at a animal hospital. Veterinarian medicine for the vet.

I briefly considered finding a way to go to the sabre part of the workshop. My legs feel like I have small boards nailed to them and I must see my Dad for Fathers Day. As little interest as I have in sabre at the moment, I feel like not spending time with Alex is such a HUGE waste. Sadly. being able to walk on Monday and my old man are going to have to take president.



fencerkath said...

We discussed the now illegal horizontal fleche for sabre at our last club-night.  Scary thought.  happy father's day.

shazna02 said...

How is your body now - sometimes I am worse two days after the event than the next day - can you walk straight?  Did you have a good father's day?