Thursday, June 15, 2006

Second or third Intention

Tomorrow evening I start a workshop with Maestro Beguinet of Duke University. He is also head Coach of the USFA's Coaches College.

I was just reviewing some of his video tapes. It reminds me once more that this activity....this sport... is violence refined to beauty.

I am also reminding myself to relax. Maestro Beguinet is a truly cool guy. I want to do as well as I can,but I have a tendency to tense up in these type of situations.  I generally feel very relaxed in tournament situations, but in drills in front of knowledgeable people I become rigid

Tomorrow is foil. Saturday is epee. I hope that something begins to click for me in foil this weekend. This workshop, coaches college foil one and an E and Under foil tournament next season are part of my goals for improvement. Perhaps I can visit some other clubs as well for foil classes. ( Maybe some epee for fun as well.)

An assistant foil coach is what our club needs. Mario and I will attempt to make one.

There will be many trials and tribulations in this undertaking. Even if moderately successful, it should help me with epee. This is second or third intention ; )



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fencerkath said...

Good luck!