Monday, June 12, 2006

Quick Post...Late for Work!

The tournament did not turn out as I thought it would. Not the amount of "C"s and it was not mixed. It was split by gender. This is good and fair for the women. However, mixed tournaments tend to be an equalizer in you are a Vet 50. Out of 20 male competitors I placed 12 in pools. Won 3 lost 3 in pools. I drew the guy who finished second to fence my first DE and went down 11-15. Oh well....not that great.....but not entirely "Suck City." (More like a suburb of "Suck City.")

On a bad note, Tommy took third and we thought he had his "D" rating. I just found out that there was an error and he did not. Second time in a month he has gotten that rating and they did not stick. Poor guy! Damn!

The people that ran the tournament were really nice. This was balanced by one young punk fencer who was an incredible bad sport and needed at the very least a tongue lashing. His attitude got to me and I am ashamed of myself for letting it bother me. Moving on now.

On a more positive note our crew of pirates had a damn good time. Mario was in his first tournament and did well. Jordan learned some things and had a positive experience. Cam came in second in epee. Kathy came in third and got to see her family. Woody managed to make it through the absolute hottest tournament I have ever been to. I had to wring my jacket out before throwing the icky thing in the car. Warren did well even after his illness. Trevor handled things with his usual calm humor.  He is a really good guy.

Editors Note: Actually I was somewhat wrong concerning Woody. He actually became one of the undead.


As for me, my tournament results were not what I had hoped for, but I had a damn good time with our group. Kathy found us a kickin' 8th floor condo with a huge deck and ocean view. Loved it! I learned the basics of the game "Munchkin." I will buy that game. Cam and I were the first up Sunday and had a good and long conversation on the deck. I enjoyed that, I don't think we every had a looonng one on one conversation before. I was a part of interesting conversations with Tommy and Jordan on the ride to and from the beach. I found that whenever I ate, I was always at the kid's ('cept Trev...who is of course 18 and an ADULT kid). table. I felt honored to be with them. In fact I felt honored to be part of the group. We had some fun.


warriorcounselor said...

Actually.....I thought I did pretty well.  At least I'm happy with it.  Cam took me out of the tourney, but on a different day I might have done the same to her.  And, I would have most likely been steamrollered by Lang.  So, third is cool.  <G>

shazna02 said...

Sounds like a good trip and a good tourney even though I think I would be bringing a first aider along next time - as it sounds unbelievably hot (Woody's account either sounds like heat stroke or someone - perhaps you Jim? - slipped some LSD into his water bottle).  

I understand the frustration of not having a mixed epee but on the other hand, how exciting is it to fence when guys are going, "Hey, I still beat the women!"

"Suberb of Suck City" - I like that.  Waterfrontage with clear vistas of Suck City.  I am also confused on how third in team and individual for Kathy is a bad thing?  I know my blog is "Screw Bronze" but the full title is more like, "Screw Bronze....oh okay, I guess that's not so bad."

Oh yeah - as to cardio - tag, you're it!