Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Week....So Far.

Week in Review:

Foil: I sucked.

Sabre: I met Kathy (early) and we fenced epee 25 minutes straight. ( not keeping score). We got some water and went again for a little while. I think my endurance is improving, though I still sweat like a pig. I believe that to be genetic. Also I believe that sweating is an efficient way to lower your body temperature. Boy!...My body is efficient!

There were some interesting things happening as we fenced. I was working on NOT leaning and keeping my body centered and my legs under me. I was also working on keeping my actions relaxed. Okay...I started out that way, but as time went on I did not pay attention to that. Kathy is practicing for Nationals.

After we began to get tired some really interesting things happened. We seemed to score against each other in groups of three touches. I believe that three touches was enough to motivate the other fencer to say," Okay...blankety blank blank...that is not going to happen again...YOUR TURN!." It was interesting.

Another thing that I became focused on is you see a "target of opportunity." I have been aware of this many times as I fence, but never allowed myself to think about it while I was fencing. Sometimes it was distracting, but mostly it made things light; relaxed and playful.
That is a good state of mine for me to fence in. What I am talking about is not when you plan your attack. Examples: I will take the blade and go in. She scored on the last touch to my hand, so I will pommel (God loves a French grip!) and hold my arm out of distance and wait for her to close. That is NOT what I am talking about. I am talking about when a target SUDDENLY presents itself and your body moves on it's on accord. There is no' " Okay.....NOW>>>>GO!" It is the coolest of things! What in the heck tells your body to do this?

There were only a couple of kids at class tonight, so when they left Woody. Cam and myself got to fence epee again. I would brag on Woody here for his blade work in pools against me, but I don't want him to get a big head and he is still on my "Marked for Vengeance" list. I will brag on me instead. I fenced two 15 point DE's back to back and did okay. My leaning came back as I fatigued. I blame it on this at any rate. What is better is my endurance. I am happy about that.

Sally told me that my distance has improved greatly. She asked me how. I attributed it to fencing epee on Wednesdays with Kathy. I thought about that on the way home. That is true, but there may be another factor. Kathy's arm does not present much of a target, so I will often go deep. (Dangerous and requires better use of distance.)

Editors Note: You don't want to tick off the armorer. So before she rides me and puts her hands on her hips and ask me if I am calling her "boney."  No, Mam! The words I would use are slender, beautiful and the blade of a rapier.

Yes...I AM a sweet talker!

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shazna02 said...

You okay Jim?

did you change your mind and go to nationals?  Are you drinking Rum&Cokes while everyone is away?  Did you get a sunburn at the bar-b-que?  Have you had an epee dream (I have) where you fence in your dreams.  I am not sure if that is cool or pathetic.