Thursday, June 8, 2006


Once, a few months back, Cameron talked about what kind of epeeist you are. You are either a "When";"Where" or "How" fencer. You move from being one or the other during the course of a bout. However, one is dominate. Example: Tommy was a "Where" fencer. He picks a target and hits you there. I was a "When" fencer. I waited until the time was right and then hit you.

I noticed last night, that I have changed. I am now a" How" fencer. I think Tommy is as well.

I have no idea what this means or if it is a bad thing or good thing.

I will ponder on this through out the day.


kelduiniel said...

And I am the original How fencer from that night!  Or at least I think I am, because I believe I was the only one that Cameron labelled as How when she was analysing us.  So welcome to the club.  It's good to have you on board.  We should make jackets or something.  :P

shazna02 said...

Illuminate me - you explained what a when or a where fencer is, but what does a "How" fencer do?  I find, still frustratingly, that the same style has varied effects on the individual.  The worse a person's style, the more likely I am to lose while the better thier form and position, the better I do.