Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hot Week

Monday/Foil: I am back to sucking at this weapon. There is something/somethings I am just not getting about it. I keep praying that some light will come on and I will get it. It was an interesting class though. I finally got to see myself fencing on video. I had no idea I looked THAT fat. Another huge BUMMER for foil night. I move pretty well, though I am not fluid. There was a leaning thing going on in an attack. I need to review the tape with more time and less fat shock. I will try to make that happen. Within our group, I got to know a person better and found out we are similar. I also found that one of my friends and I communicate on different wave lengths. I need to turn that knob and try and clear the signal up.

I have decided that I need to head to Chapel Hill with Kathy, if that is cool with all concerned. Or I need to work with Matt and Jen in a non-sabre way. I need some extra help to improve.

Wednesday: Tommy; Jeff and I skipped sabre and went to watch Nicole play softball. It was very enjoyable. Nicole's team, the Lizards, played some pretty beefy girls. The Lizards were made of primarily wispy girls, some of which had a beautiful feminine grace in their athletic activities. I did not get to see the end of the game, but my daughter Jaime taught me that in all activities, extra points should be awarded to the cute ones. Following Jaime rules, the Lizards crushed their opponents

Tommy was correct. Nicole is a pirate, I watched her steal second; third and home. She is fencing a half day at UNC as well and in god awful heat.. A 14 year old girl with enough endurance to do that then play softball in the evening. Pretty amazing!

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