Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Vengeance Shall Be Mine!

Foil was a good class.

I got an epee private lesson from Sally in taking the blade. This was great and highly unusual. We do not fence weapons other than foil on foil night. ( Barring some really big tournament coming up.) Perhaps I got the lesson because I am going to miss epee so much this month. I was booed and hissed by foilist. They worked on anti-Jim techniques while I was in another room with Sally.

I was soundly beaten by the bug lady....Tinkerbell. (If I was a bad sport I would say "Stinkerbell." Cheating fairy kept blinding me with fairy dust!) Actually, she just kicked my butt, fair and square. I was proud of her ...you know...in a grudging way.

Even with a defeat from the tiny creature, it was a good class. I measure myself lately, by how I fence Tommy.  I did well and I felt more like a foilist.

Sandy has really let her hair down. She is a lot of fun. I bruised her last time. I need to be more careful. She wants the over twenty-one crowd to go out and have a drink after fencing sometime. That is most of the class. Things have really changed, Two years ago it was mostly kids with a couple of adults. Now it is the opposite. If we go have a drink, I will bet Sandy is a hoot. I don't see many of the foilist doing that, other than me.

Woody is now on my "marked for vengeance list" thrice! He was already there for leaving me alone with little kids at the "Fence for Food" thing. Then he was part of the people who ragged me about when I fenced Kathy. Now he has brought this up again, given anti-Jim coaching and snickered WAY to much for a GOOD coach at my traumatic defeat at the hand of the small creature!

I am starting to have fantasies about bug collecting. You know those guys that have thousands of bugs and butterflies that are dry and mounted with a pin through them on a tiny board. So far my collection will have only two.......... the fairy and Woody!


kelduiniel said...

You weren't alone with the little kids at Fence for Food.  You had me helping you.  ^^;

- Jordan

fencerkath said...

you mean your fencing club DOESN'T go for a drink afterwards!  thank heavens for English pubs and real ale - not that I get there often.

shazna02 said...

I think meeting up for a drink would be a good way to help people know each other better and build a sort of team unity.

you say, "I did well and felt more like a foilist" - I am not sure how to respond as it sort of sounds like "The powers of the dark side grow within me, soon they shall overtake me!"

Though, now you are a foilist of sorts, can you explain why foilists seem to shout and scream and swear more?  They do at my club so I am making a foil assumption here.  

kentjamesr said...

Do not worry. Foil is a way to make my epee game better. I have things in their proper perspective. ( Kinda like pretending to have gone to the dark side, just to get inside the Death Star.)

We do not scream and swear. We are from the South. Loud things are rude and we will be polite right up to the point where we have had it with your crud....and then kill you. It is hard to explain the culture...or lack there of.

There are a lot of fencing clubs were going out to have drink afterwards is part of the program. We only go out once in while on Friday (epee night) and that is mostly food with a beer or two. Clubs are like people. They have their own personalities. If you could see ours, you would understand. Another factor is that we spend a lot of time fencing each week. If we spent more time away from home and came in late, out spouses would go to our butts.....and they would be right to do so.


fencerkath said...

Actually, I hardly ever go for a drink afyer fencing as I need to chase the teenagers to bed.  But occasionally, outside school term, I do get to the pub with a few other fencers and I really appreciate it.  It's usually just a couple of halves (half pints) of ale - and some of the fencers don't drink alcohol because they're driving - but it's a really pleasant social time.

And I do understand about different clubs having different characters.