Thursday, May 4, 2006

Ugly Head Raised

Week in Review: Foil was a good class. Keith missed the class were Woody went over the light grip. That guy is just way to tense when he fences.

I went in early to saber to fence epee with Kathy. We fenced for 15 minutes straight and then rested for twenty and fenced another 15 minutes. (masso menos) I was sweating like a pig and a little winded. She was fine. I was ragged by Woody and Cam about it. I was also ragged by Kathy. They are all marked for vengence! This is why I have the need for my cardio training. (Of course dropping 20 pounds or so would be of aid, but one battle at a time. Besides, the focus on cardio may help with the other.)I did not take the saber class. I am making no progress in saber and am no better now than eight months ago when I started dabbling in it. Admittedly, I started on it to get an extra night of foot work and to gain a general understanding of the weapon. I may keep going just for the footwork. I am undecided at this point.

I noticed when I fenced Kathy that I am having trouble letting go of scoring points, to work on the things I wish to work on. Ego is getting in the way of practice.

Looking ahead to summer, there is a lot going on. I have weekend workshop June 10 and 11. The next weekend Maestro Begunet is giving a workshop for us in Greensboro. There is coach’s collge in August. I am looking forward to them all. Good stuff!

Then there is Nationals. I am thinking about not going. In fact, I think I have decided that I am not going. Practicality and responsibility raise their ugly heads. I am spending a LOT of time and money on fencing this summer, at the expense of my family and doing much needed work around the house. I do not see me spending the money and the time to drive to Atlanta, get the crud kicked out of me and then drive back. I would miss the T-shirt though. With my son heading to collge in September, I need to cut back on my spending. I may need to cut back on my plans for summer improvement.


fencerkath said...

I'm not going to comment on your decision about the Nationals as it's your question of priorities.  If I didn't have kids I'd have a decent fencing jacket and a new mask - or so it seems, but if I hadn't watched my son fencing I'd never have started.  I watched him for two years before I had the nerve to ask if I could join the beginners.

Have a really good weekend.

warriorcounselor said...

I didn't rag you about the cardio.  I ragged you about flirting with lesbians and leaving us all breathless.  I believe my comment was "I rarely get to wear out a man...."  <Evil Grin>

The letting go of points thing will get easier the more we fence.  When you think about it, we haven't fenced that much even in pools in club, so give it some time.  Besides, I don't mind you beating up on me while I work on stuff.  <G>

kathy wc