Thursday, May 25, 2006

Set Course South by Southeast. ( Maybe)

There have been a couple of bad things that have happened in fencing for me in the last month. There have been some good things as well. At the moment I am looking to the future. Short term.....future.

If we can find a place to stay and arrange things, a good sized group of us will head to the beach and fence in a tournament in early June. This sounds like a lot of fun.  We have not traveled in a pack like this in sometime. Mostly it is two or three of us, venturing out to a tournament together.

Another thing that makes me smile about that, is that we have a pirate theme in our club. Now we are heading to a pirate coast. Don't ask how it developed, but we all have fun with it. I have envisioned my yellow Nissan with a pirate the order to "run out.".( means lower the power windows) a broad side..." On the uproll if you please gunners mates"...(I was thinking some sort of tennis ball tube..with tennis ball sling shot.) wasn't thinking that at all. After all, our head coach referred to us as responsible adults. We have to look after the kids. Yep...We are going to have to fake it!

One of our coaches, who has not competed in a long time due to his health will compete. I am proud of him for doing this. Not so proud I will let him off the hook, however!

I am Jimus Maximus Epee Gladiator and I will have my this life or the next!
~ Strikes a defiant gladiator pose and sets his jaw in a determined and menacing manner ~

I hear Tink may be going with us as well. How can I not give a good account of myself when fairy dust will be in ready supply?

Another good thing is that I get to fence epee tomorrow. I have not been able to make a class in three weeks. I am soooo looking forward to it!

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