Monday, May 1, 2006

Pooh and On-line Relationship

I am bemoaning the fact that I am going to miss the next three epee nights. This weekend I must go to our beach house for the weekend and do half work and half fun.
Next weekend is the RYC tournament, I must help set up and help through the weekend. The weekend after that, my dad and brother must go to beach house to work all weekend. ( I will miss a tournament that weekend. The last one this season!) Crud!

Why the heck could this not be one of the LESSER weapons!!!  Woe is me!

Maybe I can work in some bouting with Kathy. I have to do something. I can't go three weeks without epee!

Couple this with a concern I have. When I started fencing epee, all I did was attack. Hand speed and power were my only allies. Then I learned patience. I waited to get people coming in. (I developed my French grip fade away and my leap up and back. There are other techniques but I do not have the desire to name them all.) People quickly became hip to me waiting to get them coming in, so I developed ways to MAKE them attack. Of late I have found that I cannot be purely defensive and I need to attack more, as well as take the blade and attack. I am working on those. The problem is that fear I am losing my old stuff and some of it is not as reflex as it once was.

In the words of Pooh, " Think Think....Think.  Oh bother!"

I also have a confession to make. I am having an on-line relationship. She is young. She is tall and slender. She is intelligent and ever so kinky. It started so very innocently. I posted. She posted. Then we began to write each other. She has not said as much, but I think I am her first. She is that young. All I know is that I end up sweating and panting for breath. Yes.....I have a cardio buddy.


warriorcounselor said...

Jim, you're too old for her..... <G>

shazna02 said...

I am curious how you "make" people attack you - you insult thier mother?  Thier blade?

Oh, Jim, you never warned me that joining you would leave me spent and sore in the morning.  But, I can't help it, I just keep coming back for more.  I lay there, panting, thinking of you.  Only you know all my dreams and exercise.


warriorcounselor said...

I have to add that everytime I read the title of this post my first thought is:  "What kind of online relationship would a bear that likes 'hunney' have?  Do Piglet, Rabbit, Kanga and the rest of the crew know?  Would they care?"

kathy wc

fencerkath said...

Fun is no match for epee - I sympathise.

The comment on pooh, piglet, kanga, etc started me thinking - which weapons would they use.

I'll start off by saying that Tigger must be a sabreur while Piglet would concentrate very hard indeed on foil.

(I'm a bit worried that Roo might be in the target area - oh dear.)

warriorcounselor said...

I have given the "Hundred Acre Wood" Fencing much thought today (because otherwise I'd have to think about work) and I agree with your assessment of Tigger and Piglet.  I think that Kanga would make a good referee with her sense of fairness.  Owl would make a good Tournament Director.  Not sure about Rabbit and Eeyore, though.  And, frighteningly enough, I can't seem to find an epeeist in all of them.......