Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jen PL

Friday I started my beloved epee evening with a private lesson from Jen Cox.
It originally was to be a sabre lesson, but I pooped out before we got to it. As I am putting sabre on hold for a while, I got a PL in epee. I was really looking forward to it.

I thought going in that she would most likely work on some sort of foot work or attack. I feel like my strength in this weapon is reaction time and hand speed. I also felt like I had very good tip control. Not so fast...Jim! The first thing we work on is using the thumb and fore finger to finish the touch. My first thought is that this feels sabre like. ( WOULD feel sabre like if I had good cuts.) Then I think, okay I fence French grip, this is as it should be. I can't hit squat doing this, more exaggerated movement. I mention to Jen that I have good point control.  Her eyes are very expressive. I got a "If you say so look" and a smile.

This is the place were we have our "Gray Epee" moment: I thought about making reference to "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," " I need to make my move...can I move now?" ( The meaning being that if we are fencing, I will hit what I aim problem.) I do not know if everyone my age does this, or if only some of us do. Whenever I am about to say something to a person a couple decades younger than myself, I try to do a quick "time line " check. What is the age of the person? What is the time of my reference? How old was that person at the time of my reference? In this case, I did not make the reference. No point wasting valuable lesson time.

It was a good lesson. I enjoyed it. If we can work in another one some time, she said it would evolve infighting. I need some work on Yay! In the mean time I have got to work on the finger movement at the end of the touch.

From here I head to epee night. I had not been able to go to one in three weeks. I was mediocre. My four time winning streak against Tommy came to an end. I lost a bout to a young guy that I did not take serious enough.  I had a good time though.

No Foil on Monday. I guess I will set up the tennis ball and golf ball on a rope and work on what Jen showed me. I also need to do some lunge work.


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shazna02 said...

If you can hit what you aim at consistantly you are way ahead of me.  I seem to need about 45 minutes before my arm relaxes and my point warms up before I even get close to what I am aiming at, particularly with forearm lunges.  Gerald was back and had done 3 straight days of ping-pong training - he was deadly on the arm hits.  It was beautiful to see if not so tinged with the green of envy.  Glad you are back doing epee.