Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday. I am 54 years old. I am heading to sabre tonight, as I celebrated my birthday on Sunday with my family. Even though I am not pursuing sabre at this time, perhaps I can help out at drills....get some foot work in....and perhaps Kathy and I may get there early enough to do some epee.

I have been fencing for about two years and five months. Lets call it two and a half years. In that two and a half years I have learned a great deal. Some of it is learned and not able to be applied at this point, however. It is my hope that I can fence competitively (maintain or improve my physical condition) so that I can fence in open tournaments for another two and a half years. I will take a look at how things are going down the road.

Editors Note: Cam was sweet enough to pick me up a cake and a pirate present. Henri bought me a cool pirate card and a book, which I am almost finished reading. I was truly moved that these people thought about me. Cam even hugged me when I was sweaty. My wife and daughters will not even do that. Henri wisely stepped back and blew me a kiss.


shazna02 said...

A very happy birthday Jim and many happy returns and touches at sabre and epee!  Now I have to figure out what to get the man who lives 1/2 a country away - pliers?


fencerkath said...


I wish I'd checked your blog in time to post good wishes on the day itself.  I hope you had a good evening.

By the way, the two main coaches at our club are over 60 and still beat almost everyone there.  In addition, they're great coaches and much in demand - and still fence in national as well as veterans' events (including international veterans' events).  I reckon you should be looking for ten more years - as a minimum - at open events, and perhaps a great deal more.

Glad to hear, belatedly, that you kept your rating - terrific news.