Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I am not sure if beleive in fate or not. However, there seems to a be a lot of it going on in my life envolving fencing and people in fencing Though there seems to be many a strange and unerving  thing going on , it all seems to be working out. HOLD the fate thoughts and let me write about what I intended.

Jim's Book Review:

This week at our RYC tournament, I bought "One Touch at a Time" by Aladar Kogler PHD.

This book is about developing the ability to reach a state of flow in fencing. Basically, it is designed to help with the mental aspects of the game. I love this type of subject matter and finished reading it today. Of course reading it is step one. Now I have to use it as a text book and try and put it into use. I believe in this and I know this book will help me to some degree.

Gosh, Aladar would be proud of me for that last sentence!

Now a word from Jim the Realist: It will help, but if you don't have some good skills to go with the words of my Grandfather..."Your gonna get beat like a rented mule." Traditionally my grandfather followed this statement with leaning over and spitting grossly on to the grass. I think it was some form of punctuation.

Now back to the fate thing. I swear it is popping up all over fencing of late for me. I wish I could play spooky music in my journal while you read this.

There was a coach at the RYC who looked a heck of lot like Aladar. But one chapter they mention tons of research done at UNCG. Where did I buy the book....UNCG.

Editors Note: I am NOT totally serious about fate or the spooky parts. It is however.....strange. I did enjoy the book as well.

The book is published by SKA Sword Play Books. Staten Island, New York.


ktbfencing said...

I'm more worried about the certain "strange and unnerving" things than the spooky parts. Guess we'll have to see how things play out. Good luck with your new textbook!

shazna02 said...

Ahh, the "Spitting" punctuation!  Don't forget the important skeptical snort through the nose as well.  I think I have a book called, "One touch at a time" too - but there doesn't seem to be anything about fencing it it.  Massage oil: yes, epee parries, no.