Sunday, May 14, 2006

The End

I cannot write about it, as it is to personal and to difficult to explain.

I did write a little about it....then deleted the whole thing.

Yesterday evening, I was sure that I was quitting fencing.

Today in the mail I find my acceptance into Coaches College. There is a time limit on getting your money back from that.

So....I hang it up...or I hang in there. I do not see a happy ending either way, but I have to decide quickly.

I write this in vague answer to the questions of a couple of my friends.


fencerkath said...

mais pourquoi?

Please let us know how you are.

kelduiniel said...

I think he means the Regional Youth Circuit event is over.  :P

fencerkath said...

It's unfair to say I hope you continue because I've liked your blog and found it encouraging.  After all, I'm never going to be a good fencer (just someone who enjoys it) and I don't know what your personal circumstances are.  Happy endings are pretty rare for anyone.  I certainly don't expect one for myself - I'm just making the most of the present, when I can.  But, whatever you decide, good luck - and I do hope you feel able to keep in touch and say how things are going - whether to do with fencing or anything else.

and drop by the blog whenever you feel like it.

all best wishes


warriorcounselor said...

I know we talked last night, and I hope to see you tonight, but I did want to remind you that you have my support no matter what you decide.  

kathy wc

epee77 said...

You are well loved and I, like Kathy, am behind you in what ever decision you make, but I would feel remiss if i did not say that your presence would be greatly missed.