Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I lost my rating. Basically it sounds like our Division is on probation, though no one is using the "P" word. I am not happy about it and I do not think anyone should be punished when they have committed no crime. These are the rules though, and if you want to stay in the game, you must play by them.

(Note: A club or two were negligent in checking to see if the people fencing in their tournaments were current USFA members. As a result of this…as I understand it…around 10 tournaments in out Division have had the ratings they awarded nullified. Naturally, one I did well in was one of them. This is the short version of the tale, but it is enough.)

One moment to bitch: I simply cannot believe that all those ratings earned did not affect the results of other tournaments! (Not only in our division, but perhaps in others.) Nobody wanted to do the work involved to look. I do not get the fairness in that.

In a week I will be 54 years old. Tink has told me I am no longer allowed to mention the age thing……BUT …if I were able to… I would mention how difficult is to gain a rating in open tournaments when you are more than half the age of your opponent. That being said ( or in this case…"unsaid") I believe that good fencing is repeatable. You scored with a beat attack…do it again. ( Tactical wheel and all that.) I suspect there will be fewer tournaments in NC next season, but I will need to do it again.

I think I can.




warriorcounselor said...

i KNOW you can.

shazna02 said...

That is a really really disappointing thing to have happen and I would be randomly blowing my top for weeks.  It is grossly unfair.  I believe that you can and will have a golden fencing day at a tournament because you are dedicated and care about the sport and that there is some cosmic justice.  Hang in there.



fencerkath said...

I'm impressed with how restrained you're being.  I'm sure it is repeatable and that you'll do as well - if not better - next year.  After all, you know you really did fence that well.