Sunday, May 21, 2006

Boring Post

Tomorow I fence again after taking a week off. I hope that goes well.

Not only have I not fenced, but I have not worked out for over a week and a half. Time constraints and laziness combined I guess. Also a lack of carbs. I will hit the gym tomorrow.

On the positive side, I will have come close to dropping ten pounds in one week. I am on a diet with my wife. This is my first time following a REAL diet. Prior to this, when I was younger, I would just eat less and work out more. I am on the South Beach Diet. The first two weeks is a lot like Atkins. Meat...vegatbles....not much else. No fruit sucks! No bread, no pasta! I am planing to stick with this for two weeks. After that point I am going to take a hard look at it.

A diet that does not include Chinese and Mexican food as choices is not going to be my friend for very long. I had only planed to use this as jump start anyway. I have to find a way to make life style changes. More to the point, my wife needs to make lifestyle changes. I think this diet is showing her the error of her ways. She has been an insulin dependent diabetic sense she was 15. Without the carbs and sugar her blood sugar has been super!

I have found a way to stay in town this weekend. This means I will get to fence epee.



warriorcounselor said...

YAY!  Jim's coming back!  

We've missed you!

kathy wc

fencerkath said...

Good luck with the epee and the diet - great that your wife's blood sugar level is improving so much.

Are you able to add herbs and spices to food cooked in a healthy way or are they not allowed?  

kentjamesr said...

Yes Kath...all manner of herbs and spices are a;;owed, ecept sugar. I iwll not be on this type of diet much longer. I worked out at the gym and fenced yesterday. Without carbs, I do not have enough energy. Plus...without Mexican....Jim is just not a happy guy!