Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Just came home from a meeting with Jen and Mat Cox and the DFC ( a bunch of us anyway). We talked about how we could work together. Sounds exciting to me. Vet fencers do not have a life time to progress, so I am all for getting the show on the road....to what ever level we take it.

Mat asked me as I was leaving," Does this mean you are staying?"

I realized at that moment, that I guess it does.

I am back. Time to find a cheap ticket to Colorado.

PS. Kathz...should you read this...and if you feel comfortable doing so....would you please e-mail me at kentjamesr@aol.com from an e-mail address that you use often.

Beth: If you read this, I hope to have time to drop you a line in a day or two.






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Horaay, you're back, or rather, not left?  Whatever happened I am glad you are not leaving fencing (and me?).