Sunday, April 16, 2006

Warm Up for Easter

Okay...I lied. I am writing something in my journal and it is Easter. We are having seven or eight people over for Easter dinner. So, I can help clean up the house or I can hide and add an addition to my web log. If you are male, you know I made the right choice.

Yesterday I ran three miles or so and walked one. ( Read "run" as old man plodding along in an effort to look like he is running and only breaking into a full jog when he sees people on the trail.) Then I worked fairly hard in the yard and washed three cars. I also cleaned in the house. ( I told you this so I can talk about the next part. The part about cleaning the house was so that you would know that I do this and I do it often and well.)

I went to a Sabre Workshop at 2:00. It was run by Matt and Jennifer Cox. Really good sabre people and good folk all around. There was me and a half a dozen kids, whom I would guess were around 14 years old. We played a game that was sort of a cross between handball; soccer and basketball for around a half hour to warm up. To warm up.........!

In case you ever need to know, it evidently takes fourteen year old kids and twenty-something sabre coaches a hell of a lot longer to warm up than a guy that will be fifty-four in a bit over a month. I am red faced and sweating. I think one kid had a tiny strand of hair that was damp. Jen had a baby not to long ago and it is no wonder she is getting her figure back so quickly. I was impressed.

Now we do drills for a half hour. Mostly foot work at first, then blade work. The workshop is two hours long. Sadly, at one hour, Jim has had enough. I felt like a wuss. I also felt smart enough to know when to throw in the towel. It was a mixed bag. I hated I did not get to fence or get a private lesson, but I had NOTHING left.

I told you this, so I can talk about the next part.

We have a couple of guys around my age in the club. I have noticed a pattern in warming up. First, it pays to come in late. If these guys come in late, they do not help with the mats. ( We share space with a gymnastic club and we have to move these heavy mats.) Then, they can get dressed slowly and miss the foot work warm ups. If they play it right, they can just join in as the drills have been going on for a few minutes. This leaves them with enough energy to make it through drills and have something left for bouting. I do not do this myself. ( Not often anyway.) I feel obliged to come in and help with the mats. I do however, look for ways to pace myself in the warm ups. I rest at every opportunity.

Editors Note: As far as warm ups go, I hate the "glove game." If you are playing the glove game with a glove, I think you screw up new students. They all have distance problems and then you give them a drill that requires them to be to close! I have often sworn I will not do this anymore, but it never fails that I feel that I must. The glove game with weapons is a different story.

We have women around my age in the club as well. Like all things women do, I am never sure about what is actually happening. The women are in a lot better shape than the guys my age. I do not think that they intentionally plan to be late to warm ups. However they are generally yacking and slow to get dressed. Thus they are slow to join in the warm ups. They are slow to get undressed and help put the room back in order. This to is the result of the womanly love of conversation. Or is it!?!? I do not know for sure, but I am about to know. One of these women reads my blog now. I am sure that I will catch "heck" over something I wrote. Yes, I am screwing up again. But if a man can't express himself in his own journal, then where can he?

Time to clean. I will try to work in another run. I evidently need to wok on my endurance.


shazna02 said...


I had the exact same experience on Friday, but thankfully didn't have a 2 hour training session to survive.  40 minutes was plenty for me.  I think recognizing your limits is a smart move (wait, did I say that?) - or on the other hand: Codine and heart paddles!

What exactly do you do with the mats?  Mats?  Judo for close in-fighting?

As for yakking, personally, a good conversation is more addictive and invigorating than coffee.  


epeebri said...

God, being the omniscient guy he is, knew you were going to make a lie out of journaling. So he preemptively punished you the day before. ... Thus giving you a reason to add another journal entry.

Yeah, I don't get it either. He works in mysterious ways.

shazna02 said...

Tonight at the new club they played...the glove game (lie on the ground, race m1/2 of the gym to beat your partner to get glove, loser does 15 squat/push-ups and it happens again).   I knew how fast I could race half the gym when I was 12, when I was 16, when I was 21 and when I was 30 - hasn't really changed that much and I wasn't one of the first ones then.    The coach offered me to have a one to one lesson for 50 minutes instead which was tiring, yes, but which I appreciated far more than playing some fencing equivilant of "dodge ball".