Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stuff in Reveiw

Friday I was given a key to the equipment lockers. It is, perhaps, our clubs highest honor.
( Read that last sentence with a snicker and a smile.) It truly was meaningful to me. It also means that I will be taking on more responsibility.

No further developments on the possibly of our club and Jen and Mat Cox joining forces, though we will be running some events together.

Epee was good as usual. Foil was pretty good as well. We worked on an old technique. "the press." I had actually used this successfully in epee fencing Eddy (A KOS fencer).
He is a D fencer and really nice guy. I always look forward to seeing him at tournaments.

Speaking of KOS, I missed their tournament this weekend as I had to work in preparation for the Furniture Market. In truth, I could have made it to the unrated sabre event, I got out of work at noon on Sunday. But with the price of gas and the fact that I was physically tired beyond the telling of it, I decided just to head home.

I have been working out in the gym. I need to concentrate on cardio. I must work on my endurance. I am taking a few days off and plan on hitting the endurance thing heavy.

There is a meeting at 5:30 tonight (before sabre) to get things organized for our RYC tournament. We will meet at Europa Cafe. I wonder if I could talk anybody into playing hooky and just staying there and drinking some wine. Probably not.

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shazna02 said...

I need to work out on cardio too.  Only I have found something odd - working out for long periods to improve my cardio hurts.  Which is why I talk about working out a lot more than I actually work out.  Fencing is fun.  running up hills and down again is, less fun.  Do you have this problem too?