Saturday, April 1, 2006


Hi Kathy:

I am always amazed when I find that someone reads my journal. However, if you are close to 50, I can understand it in a way. You feel like you are the only one that started this late......but fortunately this is not the case. I meet more and more of them these days. It use to be that when a 50 vet joined our club, I tried to not get attached, as I figured they would only be around a couple of months. Now, we have quite a lot of Vets in the club, and more important........they are SERIOUS about it!

I am truly happy that you are having fun and loving fencing the way I do. ( Okay...I beat myself up over it now and then.......but ...I still love it and the challenge.)

I am sending you this same post via e-mail. Fill free to drop me a line sometime. I would like to hear about your progress. If you need to vent that is okay as well.



fencerkath said...


This didn't reach me via e-mail but I found it on your blog.  Elizabeth recommended your blog after I found her comments on epee by chance - I only started blogging a couple of weeks ago so I haven't yet worked out all I can do.

It was lovely to see that you'd looked at my blog too.  

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and understanding.

all the best


epeebri said...

Yes, every so often we get the itch to cross-reference "epee" with "blog" and see where it takes us.