Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Bug Lady Speaks

Often ,when I am fencing a fast flexable kid, I feel a bit old. That feeling passes quickly if I beat him. Today I found out why.

There was a  streak of light and a swirl of glittering dust....then I heard these words:

"And, although you declare yourself to be old, you are like the "Lost Boys" from "Peter Pan" -----playing pirates, playing with swords------you will NEVER GROW UP-----you will NEVER GROW OLD!"

Thanks Tink....I feel better now!

Pardon me, I gotta go outside and strut and crow.



shazna02 said...

Can I get whatever medication you are on - who cares about the visions, just as long as I can beat the teenagers (or are those visions too?).


kentjamesr said...

In truth I am doing pretty darn good against the teenagers. A foil fencer ( AKA Tinkerbell) wrote those words to me. I find that when I give them some though before a bout, I find my " Happy Place"........and I can fly!!!