Sunday, March 26, 2006

Women of Steel

I am never more amazed than when I am correct in my predictions. I am amazed by it, because it so seldom happens. However in the case of NC Divisional Women's Epee I was almost 100 percent on the money. I have rarely been so proud of people. I think in some ways I was almost as happy as they were.

This was a D1 event with 21 fencers. ( As best as I can remember.) Kathy Walters took first place and a shiny new "D" home. Coach, armorer; armorer for the USA international teams and WC. She has been working hard and over come hardship and illness to do this.
It is kind of like a "Karate Kid" movie plot. Maybe "The Little Armorer That Could" would be a better title for this movie. I knew she would  get her "D," I just did not know it would be this soon. It was just awesome.

Nicole (14 years old) took second place and now has her "E" polished and sitting on her mantle. She also took about a half dozen pictures of teenage boy fencers home on her Mom's digital camera. This girl has earned her "E'" twenty times over. Ist place in JO qualifiers in her age group and second in an older JO qualifier. I did not know until this Divisionals but this little girl has a reputation in our Division. Pretty cool for such a sweet kid.

The truth of the matter is that in my prediction, I saw all the top 3 places going to our Women fencers. I was not wrong, there was just a fluke. We did not talk about it, because we love her so much, but she should have been there. We all know it and if a coach has a student there in the top three then, in fact, she is there. My prediction for talking the top 3 spots was correct, it will just have to wait until 2007. I will never predict the order, I just know they all will be there.

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