Thursday, March 23, 2006

This Saturday is NC Divisionals

This Saturday is NC Divisionals. I am thinking about this almost constantly. I tend to do that with most tournaments, but this one seems to be particularly thought consuming.

I think this is for a couple of reasons:

A. I still do not feel right. I am trying to put that out of my mind.

B. Dressing out in sabre Wednesday, I saw a fat old man in the mirror. The mirror caught be off guard. I generally hold my shoulders back and suck it in when I know one is coming.

C. Divisionals is one of the ways I will measure my progress in fencing. What if there is no improvement? What if I do worse than 2 years ago?

In most cases. this kind of thinking disappears after the first touch in the first pool. way or the is just getting down to business and all these type of thoughts leave until after the tournament.

I am looking forward to seeing the kids fence.......and our girls. Now, the fact is, in some cases I should not be referring to a couple of our "girls" girls. One is 35 and one is 28.
The correct way to address them would be as women. ( So, I have been taught.) me....they are girls. I mean no slight to them in this regard. I mean just the opposite. I mean it with affection. If this offends someone...please feel free to be offended.

After the Men's Epee, I am fencing in a team event. There will be four teams at the time of this writing. Ours, will have two guys that are over 53....and two teenagers. We are all "E" fencers. The guys we are fencing are "C's and "D's." I like to think we have a chance to win....even against one of them. However, if I was a betting man, this is NOT the way I would bet. I think most fencers are romantics. That is what fencing is...a martial art for the romantic. These other teams will only see us as a team they beat. I see us as valiant. There is no hope....yet we are entering the fray.

We are a small club. I just realized the other day that we try to keep it that way,dueto a lack of space. If everyone came on epee night, there would be 26 fencers. No way could our space handle that. We are around 48 people. I understand that a fourth of them are Veterans. That has to be the highest percentage of Veterans in our Division. I do not know what that says about us, but I think it must be something good. There are around an equal number of little kids that are to young for Divisionals. All this being said, we have over a dozen fencers that will fence in Divisionals. I see that as pretty gutsy as well.

We are neither a big or high powered club, but I have to say that I am proud of our group.

I hope I give a good account of myself at Divisionals for them.



ktbfencing said...

I'll be cheering for you Jim! Just remember to have fun!


shazna02 said...

26 epeeists?  Things truely are bigger and better in the USA - I think we can manage 6 if we get everyone out of hospital - and we are one of the bigger epeeist clubs.  Good luck at Divisonals!