Saturday, March 11, 2006

Epee...on a a Warm Spring Day

Epee: I fenced okay. Not great...not good...but okay. I enjoyed it nonetheless. Epee is like a weekend. You look forward to it all week. I do not know if it is because it is on Friday....or if it is because of the nature of the weapon, but the class is always more laid back. It was relaxed and it was interesting. Divisional gossip is always entertaining.

I had a problem with a couple of young fencers. I got beat by one in pools. This kid is like a spassy energetic puppy with almost no fencing skill at all. Okay Jim...if that is true...why did he beat you? I think it is because of several things.

1. Fencing anyone that fences like a noob is hard. They are unpredictable.

2. Natalie told me in my CALL class that I fenced better, the better my opponent fenced. I think that often this is true and, sadly, the reverse is true.

3. These types of fencers are so bad, that you do not concentrate. You think it is a "gimme" going in. The truth of the matter is that it just does not make sense.

The other kid was smart. He remembered that I beat him to a pulp, last week because I waited to get him when he was coming in. So...he did not attack and turned the tables on me. I beat him, but it was not the thrashing Woody thought he needed. Fortunately, Woody handled the thrashing himself.

This was like a class min-tournament and I won. Obviously, that made me feel good. This might give me a little mental boost for the tournament next week. ( Provided Foil doesn't take it away.)

2 Final Things:

1. I noticed that Nicole's un guard (and Jordan's as well .....for that matter ) .....that their arms drifted in so that the outside of their forearms was visible and target Must tell coachs....must......warn fencers! Ohhhhh gahhhhh Ohhhh gah...Danger......Danger!

2. Woody and the Short Fleche: When you have a 300 pound man fleche you at short cannot power that moment to the side with the strength of your arm. At least ...I can't. This is a reminder for me.

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shazna02 said...

I like your blog, though I wish I knew more about the people.  Do you have a blog on livejournal or blogspace with pics?   I fence epee - any advice on how to hit guys who are way taller than you? (like 6'8" or so)

Elizabeth McClung