Thursday, March 30, 2006

Courtesy...A Knightly Virtue

After reading a knights journal, I have decided to give myself a job within our club. I will teach (or at least try to) our kids and adults to thank the directors at their tournaments.  I know I thanked mine for pools at Divisional, but I do not think I thanked any of the other refs; armourers; registration people. There were at least two who were sick and the hours were long and hard. It was a couple of looonnnnnggg days.

There is more than one reason for this.

1. It is the right thing to do. So many hard jobs, that are so desperately needed and you are more likely to hear someone complain than to thank someone for their efforts. We should have club thank you cards made up, to send to these people with everyone’s signature. That most likely will never happen, but it is a good thought.


2. At some point in my first eight classes, I can remember Sally telling a bunch of “noobs”, that this was fencing etiquette and was to be respected. (Words to that effect.) As Sally is taking a year sabbatical, I will make this little job mine. Not mine alone, but one I will pay more attention to as a way of honoring my coach who will be far away.

Now....for other things:

Of late, I am reminded of a current television commercial or "Ferris Buluer’s Day Off". "Life comes at you fast." Or more to the point, "fencing comes at you fast." There is so much going on, it boggles my mind, and I am only slightly involved in some of it. Divisionals; Coaches College and Sally’s sabbatical. There is the upcoming RYC tournament that we need to get to work on. Then there is the big one! The thing that could be the greatest thing we ever did as a club, or the thing that kills our club. It is scary and it is cool. And I can’t write about it yet. We must talk to our Leadership Committee first. Hey...nothing may come of it.

We had a coaches meeting in a really great little Irish pub last night. What a great place for a fencing club meeting! Good stew as well. I think I will take my " cuppy cake" there this weekend.

Editors Note: No...We don't use that kind of sickening sweet baby talk to each other....unless we are joking. It had to be said.




ktbfencing said...

Part of being a referee is knowing that you will be over-worked, under-paid, argued-with, and generally treated badly. We do it for the love of the sport. Thanks for your thanks (belated or not)! It is much appreciated!


fencerkath said...

I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying your blog.  I took a while to comment as I had to get an aol screen-name rather than the one I use on blogger (kathz).  I thought I was probably the oldest person in the world to start fencing - I started the term before my 50th birthday and I've been fencing (badly but much better than I did) for a year and a half now (foil and epee).

I'm sorry you didn't do as well as you'd hoped in the Divisionals.  For me - until I took up fencing I was the sort of person who ran away from sport - just being able to fence at all is a big achievement, and I love it.  I spent two years watching my son (and was encouraged by a friend who has taken up archery and sailing) before I had the nerve to ask if I could join the beginners' class.

Anyway, good luck with the fencing and the courtesy campaign.

all the best


kentjamesr said...

Hi Kathy:

I am always amazed when I find that someone reads my journal. However, if you are close to 50, I can understand it in a way. You feel like you are the only one that started this late......but fortunately this is not the case. I meet more and more of them these days. It use to be that when a 50 vet joined our club, I tried to not get attached, as I figured they would only be around a couple of months. Now, we have quite a lot of Vets in the club, and more important........they are SERIOUS about it!

I am truly happy that you are having fun and loving fencing the way I do. ( Okay...I beat myself up over it now and then.......but ...I still love it and the challenge.)

I am sending you this same post via e-mail. Fill free to drop me a line sometime. I would like to hear about your progress. If you need to vent that is okay as well.


kelduiniel said...

I think the thank you card idea is a really good one.  So now you've got two people who support it, though I'm sure the coaches will, too.

- Jordan

shazna02 said...

I'm glad to see you are back blogging and bringing good ideas regarding nobility and sportspersonship.  Which knights journal did you read?

Oh and I found out that Gerald in our club, who I thought was late 40's is actually 58!  He said he would consider going as a Veteren in the olympics.