Thursday, January 5, 2006


If I stick with it, I assume that some day I will understand sabre. At this point in time, however, I consider this a totally bazaar weapon. You spend more time focusing on how you are moving to get the touch, than getting the touch. Does anyone else find that strange?  


 Also, I have always considered myself to be an intelligent guy. ( Intelligence being a multifaceted gem. My gem sparkles in some ways and is dead as Kelsey's balls in other ways. Creativity....Sparkle!  Higher Math....Kelsey's balls.) But I digress. I do not see how a person refing sabre can focus on so many actions, that are happening so fast and make a correct call. To me, it just seems impossible.   


 This journal is an effort to record the trials of an older guy and his attempt to become a fencer. ( Being a fencer is a constantly changing vision in my head.) Here is one way that things are different for an older fencer. We had a guest coach at the club last night. She just came to fence. She is a great ref and very knowledgeable about sabre. Far more than anyone in our club. I had to ref a few bouts in our pool where she was involved. In her eyes, I made a bad call or two. Now when this happened, she gave me an evil look that lingered like an epee bruise on your upper arm. It was mingled with a look of disgust. Under ordinary circumstances , I love feisty women and I love to fire back at them. But as she is an honored guest and as I don't know her well...I didn't. Here is the rub. If I was a kid and had been fencing four or five months in sabre, I doubt that I would have gotten that look. People are a lot more patent with kids. It is natural for them to make mistakes. HOWEVER...If you are an old guy and make the same mistakes, people will have less patents with you. Not all people...but some.

 Our guest coach/fencer was also making "slow attacks". I had never heard of such a thing until last night. I must question our coaches on this. I doubt that anyone in club would score with this tactic, as we never been taught this tactic. It is a tempo change that seems beyond reason. is an insane weapon. The good thing about it is , that soon, it's rules will change again. Perhaps the next time there is a change in the sabre rules, it will make more sense. more thing. Guest coach/ DID stop....and you should not have gotten that touch. NAH NAH NA BOO BOO !!!