Saturday, December 31, 2005

Weekend Sabre Workout

I just attended a Weekend Sabre Workout at a Greensboro recreation center.

As I have only been fencing sabre sense this summer, I have no expectations in sabre as yet. I am only just beginning to understand it. I have some clearer understanding of en guard and doing a head cut. Now to just do it until it becomes a natural reaction.

I am glad that Jen and Matt have moved to Greensboro. They are nice people and I hope to have an opportunity to learn more about sabre from them.

We fenced for three hours. I am "whupped". The good news is my leg does not hurt at all.

I am suffering from a puzzlement. Often in fencing, coaches will tell me to relax my shoulders. Well...I think the darn things are relaxed! On the other hand, part of my biceps hurts a tiny bit. This could be the result of the shoulders. How the heck do I figure this out?

The best thing (other than my leg feels fine) about the work out is the after feeling. Gosh, it felt good to fence after a couple of weeks. Even more so after being sick for few weeks. It also took away all the holiday stress. Just like a long run through the woods use to do.

Even after gaining weight over the holidays, I just feel great! After I take a shower, I will feel like a new man.

A short time latter: I am sore. I had forgotten that with the holidays and being sick and injured, I have not fenced much in a month or so. There are different kinds of sore. This is the good kind. It mostly makes you feel kind of healthy. I have no idea when fencing starts. I hope my legs will loosen up a bit before then.

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mattacox2003 said...

Relax your shoulders, Jim.