Saturday, December 17, 2005


This year of fencing draws to an end. It was celebrated at the Downtown Fencing Club with an" Epee Fest." This was a club epee tournament, with food. We are talking SERIOUS sweet stuff!

For a sick old guy with a bad leg, I did okay. That may be a rationalization. I am sticking with that opinion. Rationalizations are more important than sex. If you think differently, see how long you can go without sex and then see how long you can go without a rationalization.

For me this begins a period of reflection on fencing. January 12th I will have been fencing two years.

I wonder about a lot of things. I wonder if after a couple of weeks, will our coaches miss it. I know that they will enjoy the rest and the time with their significant others. They certainly earned this down time. I hope after a couple of weeks they do find themselves missing it. For in my mind at least................ we are family. Students and coaches, new and old faces.......we are family. I tried to think on the ride home how I would categorize each person, from the weird old uncle to the young geeky nephew. That didn't work. Somehow ,I think it is more like brothers and sisters.

There is a warm feeling in the club sometimes. It goes beyond a sweaty under arm protector.

I saw Mario and Henri show up, just to spend a little time with the group. I saw the sparkle in Noah's eyes when we shook hands and wished each other Merry Christmas. I saw Jordan smile a BIG smile when I told her what a good touch she made. I was mothered by Sharon (Nicole's Mom) concerning my leg and I was father to Henri for wearing stupid shoes with a bad ankle. I got a hug from Cam (without breast protector). I learned some things about Kathy as we worked together. I saw Woody rush to my aid and try to fix something wrong that I was doing with my hand during a bout. ( I have got to film myself someday, so I can see what I am doing wrong.) There where a hundred little things like that this Saturday.

We are family.

Merry Christmas to all..


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