Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Man;A Hamstring: A Plan

Today...being Sunday is not a fencing day and thus not a general entry day for my journel.

Coach Woody gave me instructions on using a practice epee to accomplish one of my goals. I have worked on it today and I think it has potential.

I have a plan now for my injured leg. My friend Dave posted a suggestion and I have done a lot of reading about it on line.

If I can just not get excited and foolishly do a long or dynamic lunge next week, I think I will be okay. Often my lunges are to long anyway, so this is a good opportunity to work on a shorter lunge.

Anne and I are spending the night in a local bed and breakfast tonight. There is a hot tub in the room, so that will be an aid. I am heading now to look for something I can rap my big' ole thigh in.

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