Friday, December 9, 2005

Advance Advance Lunge......Hobble

 I fenced epee tonight. I debated back and forth about going as I am still under the weather.
I won one bought and lost the rest. That is okay. At least I was moving. I will take stock of myself at our "Epee Fest" next Saturday.

I have a problem. A month or two ago, I hurt my hamstring...or a muscle in the back of my thigh....(who knows)....fencing sabre. Last week it was hurting me again when I fenced.
Tonight during our warm up, I did a long lunge and it hurt like hell. I don't know what to do about this. What would a doctor tell me? The "Smart Jim" knows that if I keep fencing, I could really screw myself up. The "What-the-hell Jim" says tape it up...fence light next week and then you can heal up over the Christmas break.

This has the potential to take me out of fencing. I will try to read up on it and figure some things out.

This is what every 50 veteran fencer knows is a possibility. Something can take you out of the game. Illness or injury.

I want to make it to our little Veteran Tournament. I would like to give a good account of myself there.  Not win , just fence well.

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dweaver307 said...

A doctor would tell you that a muscle injury takes weeks to heal and a ligament injury can take months. It all depends on the extent of the injury, of course. My bet is that you have only a strain or a minor tear, otherwise you would not be able to lunge at all without collapsing. If you have a long holiday break coming, tape it up and fence next week. But take extra care of the leg during your break and use a good anti-inflamatory to help speed the healing. But don't let a pain free day or two make you forget about it. When the inflamation goes down the pain will too but the injury still needs time to heal. Give it all the time you can for the best result.