Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What I have learned from fencing:

Entry for October 03, 2005

What I have learned from fencing

(1) That if you can beat Brad and Brad can beat Chad, this does not mean you can beat Chad. 

(2) This is very much a mental game. You can be in the zone.....no where near the zone.....one foot and part of your shoulder in the zone. Being, IN the zone is best. 

                                                                                                                                     (3) For some people (and I am one of those) you really should become proficient at foil, before moving on to other weapons. After tonight, I am all but convinced I will never be a decent foilist. 

(4) That you can actually sense when someone thinks they have you beat.
( Your in a pool  and you are down 3-0. ) 

(5) When you are in a pool and down 3-0 and your opponent thinks you are beat, if you get your head right, you can still win.

(6) If you or your opponent gets flustered or upset, the one that isn't flustered or upset is going to win. ( Here is one place where my age helps me...okay....most of the time.)

(7) That I would rather be in a club with intelligent and courteous people that isn't all that high powered, than a winning club with a bunch of rude butt wipes. 

(8) That there are people that feel compelled to post on every topic on the USFA discussion boards.

(9) That are some rude people on the USFA discussion boards (like all message boards) and I am guessing they are in the clubs that are a bunch of rude butt wipes.

  (10) Epee really is truth.

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