Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Titanic Open

Monday, Oct 10, 2005 - 07:11pm   

For those of you (I smiled here because I am writing this like someone reads this)....For those of you unfamiliar with fencing small tournaments, they are generally open events. That means that both genders and all ages fence together. This favors young male fencers.

My club is trying to start running tournaments that compensate for this, so this weekend was the Titanic Open. ( Women and Children Only. )

 A ton of work goes into these events. I spent most of the day there helping out.

The reason for this entry is to tell of yet another good and interesting thing about fencing.

(A) When your club members win, you truly feel happiness. ( I hope it is that way for most people.)

(B) When kids in the club do well you truly share their joy.

(C) When kids don't do well, but are having a good time anyway, you are kind of happy.
( And if you pay attention to this, you might just learn something.)

(D) When people are grateful and thank you for small kindness at a tournament, you don't exactly feel happy, but it is pretty nice.

My leg is  bothering me from a ham string injury.  Being on my feet all day has not helped.   

   Tomorrow I direct the women's epee event. I have never done that before in a tournament.
It sounds somewhat impressive if you know nothing of fencing. People that know fencing, realize a potted plant could direct epee. Nonetheless, I am a tiny bit nervous about it.

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