Tuesday, November 15, 2005


There is an advantage to spending a weekend helping at a "mostly kid" fencing tournament. ( Particularly if you are not a coach or don't have a kid fencing. ) You spend a lot of time watching referees.

I went to foil class tonight, even though my hamstring is not good enough to fence. ( Mostly to bring Sandy a book I promised to lend her and partly because I read Woody's blog and just wanted to hang out with the club.) I thought I would watch for a while and then take off.

I was asked to ref foil. ( This is mostly because Sally is really ragged from the tournament.  It seemed to have the opposite effect on Woody. Woody and Sally are coaches.) Now prior to this weekend I would have freaked at refing foil. I am not good at it or the game. I had hoped to learn something about refing foil, because I think every fencer should have some skill at refing and because I think it would help be in my quest to become a foilist. I do not have the hand jesters down. ( I need to study that. Holding a box remote and a clip board would have hampered it any way.) But I made GOOD and correct calls...most of the time.
I never (in my opinion) made a wrong call, or spouted something that was wrong. I did not use the correct terminology a couple of times and a few times I did not go through the whole rigger-morrow......but I did 500% better than before this weekend.

I am proud of my self and hopeful that this may lead to some small improvement in foil.

(Editors Note: Dave... I begin to understand why you were an umpire.)

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