Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Sweetie

I have been kind of negative in my web log on fencing. I need to correct that in case anyone ever reads this other than Dave. There have been a ton of wonderful little things I have learned and experienced in fencing. Little things .....like the first time I beat one of my coaches or learned a technique that worked for me. So many little wonderful things, but in today's post I will tell you of one of the best I remember.


I had been fencing foil for a couple of months and had just discovered epee.  I had fenced epee for 2 weeks and the club was going to NC Divisionals (That is the big state fencing tournament.) So I go...and I fence epee. ( I evidently do not wish to have any self esteem at all.) Well, I both sucked and did quite well at the same time. I had barely fenced electric at all and was clumsy. In my pools I always got a point or two and I beat one guy from ASU. I lost my first DE to the guy who was seated 20th. I think there where around 55 places and I finished 46 or something like that.Our head coach had us stick around for a team epee competition. Myself and two other guys. ( One my age and one in his late 40s.) We fenced the NC State team. We did not beat them, but it was pretty close and we had nothing to be ashamed of.


Anne (my wife) was with me. She had gone shopping during most of the tournament and when she came back to watch me was having some difficulty finding me. If you have never been to a fencing tournament, it is kind of difficult. Everyone is wearing white and a mask. You get the picture. 

 As we walked to the car to head for home, she took my arm and whispered, " I was really impressed."My mouth fell open and I blinked a few times and said ," Impressed with WHAT?!?!.""That you could go toe to toe with all those kids less than half your age.   I was truly impressed"She meant it.

It had been a long time sense I impressed  my wife with my physical prowess.

I loved it. 

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